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    With features that focus on aviation-only navigation and mapping, GPSMAP 695 is Garmin’s ultimate portable MFD. Similar to the 696, the GPSMAP 695 comes with a large screen and detailed electronic charts — minus XM compatibility — at a price you’ll love.

    See the Big Picture
      The GPSMAP 695’s bright 7-inch diagonal high-definition sunlight-readable display makes detailed mapping easy to see
      day or night — you can even view an entire approach plate on the large-format display. For easy operation, the bezel
      around the screen includes soft keys and a joystick control. And with a fast 5 Hz GPS update rate, the 695 renders
      graphics and presents flight data smoothly and continuously.

    No Chart? No Problem.
      With the addition of Garmin FliteCharts®¹ and IFR map mode, the GPSMAP 695 has Class 1/Class 2 electronic flight bag
      (EFB) capability, reducing the use of paper charts in the cockpit. With FliteCharts, you can quickly find and view all U.S.
      NACO departure procedures (DP), standard terminal arrival routes (STARs), approach charts and airport diagrams. If the
      current approach is known, GPSMAP 695 automatically selects the correct chart based on the flight plan. When in IFR map
      mode, the 695 can display victor airways, jet routes, minimum enroute altitude and leg distance, much like found on
      paper enroute charts.

    Enhance Situational Awareness
      The GPSMAP 695 features a high-resolution terrain page showing hazards relative to your altitude and a vertical profile of
      terrain along your route of flight. It comes with a built-in Jeppesen database, and an Americas, Atlantic or Pacific terrain
      database. It also includes an obstacles database for the U.S. or Europe. Using this information, the 695 displays your
      flight route over contour terrain mapping. With information from the terrain and obstacles databases, the 695 monitors
      your current position in relation to surrounding terrain to provide alerts. You can even customize your own minimum
      clearance levels to receive terrain cautions. The 695 also comes with a realistic “view from space” satellite imagery

    Like other portable Garmin devices, the 695 includes the following enhanced aviation databases:

    Garmin SafeTaxi(R)
      Provides detailed taxiway diagrams and position information for over 850 U.S. airports. Preloaded on the unit, this
      information helps you navigate unfamiliar airports with confidence and shows your aircraft’s exact position on the field. 

    AOPA Airport Directory
      Offers detailed information for over 5,300 U.S. airports, along with the names and phone numbers of thousands of FBOs.
      Easily look up taxi services, plan an overnight, and choose fuel stops, plus find ground transportation, lodging,
      restaurants, local attractions and more. 

    Private Airports and Heliports
      Provides data on private airports and heliports throughout U.S. and Europe, and materially expands your list of
      navigation and emergency "nearest" options.

    Receive Altitude-Sensitive Alerts
      When in the air, Garmin’s new Smart Airspace™ feature makes it easier than ever to identify what airspace lies ahead.
      Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace close to your current altitude and de-emphasizes airspace away from the
      current altitude, which gives you increased situational awareness.

    Expand Your Portable
      The GPSMAP 695 includes an SD card slot for extra memory and updates. Keep track of the databases on your GPSMAP
      695 through, our online manager that helps you update, manage and purchase the latest aviation
      data for your Garmin device, all in one place.

    ¹A single update of FliteCharts comes preloaded on the unit. FliteCharts will automatically disable when the data is over six (6) months out-of-date (six month period to commence when map is loaded in the factory). Each box will contain a certificate for a free six (6) month period for FliteCharts updates. After the six month period, you must purchase a subscription for continuous FliteCharts chart availability.

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